401 Error accessing suspended and some non-suspended follower IDs


Even through the API Console, I’m getting 401 errors after valid authorization when accessing the /1.1/followers/ids.json endpoint for specific userNames.

The suspended account “RboertProbst” follower list always yields a 401 “Unauthorized” response regardless of which OAuth tokens are used – I’ve tried the same request with multiple different OAuth tokens as well as through the API Console. Try following URL in the API Console: “https://api.twitter.com/1.1/followers/ids.json?screen_name=RboertProbst

The non-suspended account “Amanda_AKA_Mom” also yields the same 401 “Unauthorized” response also regardless of which OAuth tokens are used. Try the following URL in the API Console: https://api.twitter.com/1.1/followers/ids.json?screen_name=Amanda_AKA_Mom.

I’m getting this error very consistently when trying to access the /1.1/followers/ids.json endpoint with userNames of suspended accounts. I am also finding there there are a few non-suspended accounts which also yield the same error (such as the “Amanda_AKA_Mom” account named above.

An obvious work-around for me is to verify the credentials whenever receiving a 401 response. If the credentials verify successfully, then assume the account cannot be accessed for some reason. I would much rather a more reasonable response code were returned though for suspended accounts, and that there be no error at all for non-suspended accounts.