400 - Bad Request



I’m using a third-party Jquery Twitter script for a website, which seems to work fine at times. But sometimes i get a “400 - bad request” error instead from the Twitter API.

Any suggestions to solve this? Or any suggestion for a better jquery script which works 100%. I need to be able to customize it 100%, that’s the reason why i can’t use the official Twitter script.


You are likely being ratelimited. There really aren’t any great long-term solutions to using pure Javascript or JQuery with the API. API v1 supported unauthenticated requests, but API v1.1 does not. API v1 will cease functioning in March 2013. You need to use a server-side OAuth 1.0A solution instead.


Thanks for your answer.

Is there any existing ASP.NET/C# control that already uses OAuth? I can’t seem to find one. I just need a simple list of Twitter feeds, nothing fancy.