40 hours since Twitter disabled our live app



40 hours ago, one of our tweets to the API received error code 186 'Status is over 140 characters.'

Over the span of the next few minutes, we worked on debugging the cause by sending 5 similar tweets to our Twitter test account. Without warning, Twitter immediately disabled our app, returning error code 261 'Application cannot perform write actions. Contact Twitter Platform Operations.'

This app was live in a production environment. We immediately opened a case (via https://support.twitter.com/forms/platform ) to have the app reenabled. 40 hours later, the app is still offline.

Of course, this experience has us seriously questioning whether we can rely on Twitter.

It is disturbing that Twitter would take the nuclear option of disabling a live app so quickly, for so little reason, and with no warning. It is also disturbing that it is taking so long to get the app reenabled.

First, how can escalate case #23199659?

Second, how can we find out what exactly caused the app to be disabled? Obviously we do not want this to occur again. Currently it appears to have been caused by the 5 debugging tweets we sent to our Twitter test account that triggered a hyper-sensitive spam filter.


You can escalate via the Platform Support forms (as you have done). Please be patient. Thank you.