350k Follower Account HACKED HELP


helllo, im writing on behalf of my boyfriend. He has sent you multiple emails and support forms to recieve no emails or help. His account with 350k followers was hacked yesterday, at around 6 p.m. We believe we know who gained acess to the account. They have changed the @ name to @IPlayDaGameee, when it was previously @JakeYasov. Theyve also changed the name to Gamer101. There is still his link for Instagram in the bio, and I have messages from him and i still that show that it was him. He is also still recieving notifications on his mobile number, 248-312-8389. This is his only source of income so if you could please suspend the account and look into this matter as quickly as possible, that would be much appreciated. My email is iluvjake1031@gmail.com and his email is jakeyasov@gmail.com. thank you very much.

Here is an email from twitter showing he had access to the account before he was hacked.

Hi, Jake

You recently changed the email address associated with your Twitter account (@JakeYasov). To confirm Jakeyasov@gmail.com as your new contact email, click this link:


Once you confirm, all future email from Twitter will be sent to this address.

The Twitter Team