35 connections per user on webhook migration


Hi there,

I currently run a service known as Tweetcord. The service is a “bridge” of sorts between Twitter and a chat application known as Discord (https://discordapp.com). Users can stream Tweets from Twitter to Discord. For this, I use user streams at the moment.
Right now, the new webhook API is in beta. On the 19th of June, streams will be removed, and I will have to use the webhook API. But, the webhook API has a limit of 35 connections/accounts. As of today, my service has 142 concurrent streams, growing with ± 5 every day. What are my options after the stream API is sunset? Do I have to purchase the enterprise plan? Or is the 35-account limit only because the webhook API is in beta at the moment? What could I about this?


Hello @tweetcordbot,

Great questions. Please keep your eye on our product roadmap. This entry specifically addresses your question:

More specifics will be released in the near future.


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