301 redirects, permalinks, etc


We have a set of URLs whose permalinks have changed.

All social media counters, including Twitter, on content whose permalink has changed is now set to zero.

I have a working set of 301 redirects in place and the old URL’s resolve to the new location, so why the empty counts?

I’ve done a search on the web, but have not found the definitive solution.

Any help or insight would be great.

Many thanks.


Hi @berchman!

We’ve seen similar behavior on some sites I work on. My best guess would be that as new shares come in and Twitter’s crawling architecture fetches the contents of the page (see http://engineering.twitter.com/2011/11/spiderduck-twitters-real-time-url.html), they’re detecting the 301 and transferring the shares to the proper URL.

I hope someone from within @twittereng can give us some real insight as to if that’s true.