3 different apps related to same service - production, tests + development versions - allowed?



Am I going to violate any Twitter terms & rules if I run 3 different twitter apps (one for production/live service, one for tests only and one on development machine) related to same product/service, keeping best development practices in mind, in 2 possible scenarios:

A. those 3 apps are on one, same Twitter account
B. those 3 apps might be on different Twitter accounts

Please do tell me whether A, B or both ways are not breaking any rules and policies. I could not find any mention of it on the site.


In either of the two situations you describe here, A and B, having a version of your app for dev, test and production would be fine. The key thing is not to use multiple application tokens for the same purpose, as that would indicate an effort to circumvent rate limits.


Both A and B scenarios are fine - noted.

Did you mean like using them all 3 for production app?


Yes exactly.