2gzr.com - player cards


Guys! We are still waiting for your approval.
We have sent you our request in the end of the December 2012 and still did not get any answer/
Please give us some information about our site.
P.S.:Twitter card online check tool says we’ve implemented all nesessary meta tags.
Thank you.
Looking forward for your answer.


Do we have ro resubmit our site?


Dear twitter team!
We really need your answer.


Still waiting for approval


Still here…


You are all set, Nikita - 2gzr.com is now whitelisted.


Thanx! Twitter cards is a very cool feature and we are happy to use it on our project!


One more question.
Summary cards work just fine.
But we have a problem with player cards - it looks exactly like summary card and there is no player on the page.
I’ve tested our markup one more time and in the preview tool I can see the player.
Example: http://www.2gzr.com/broadcast/51062dfddb4d5b6d0b000044

Can you help?
Thank you


Were player cards approved yet?


We are still looking forward for your help.


We still need your help.