2fa redirect not working



hello, i’m writing an electron app. oauth without 2fa works fine.

but whenever i try to authenticate with an account that has 2fa turned on, the twitter login page doesn’t redirect me to the code input page. i know twitter has validated my password, because i immediately get an sms with the code, but there’s nowhere for me to put it!

i tried app passwords to avoid turning off 2fa but they didn’t work.

authentication with that account only worked after turning off 2fa altogether…but that’s not something i can tell my users to do.

any ideas? i can’t be the only one who’s experienced this.

looks like it’s a problem on the twitter side…here’s what the console is showing me (all the errors are from twitter scripts):


turns out it was a client-side issue with the oauth npm package i was using…developer made some tweaks, and it’s all good now!

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