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Hello @kellyshalk @andypiper,

  1. For us as library developers can we have early stage access to this feature so that we can test our libraries and make sure that everything is ready when the changes comes out.

  2. Some libraries like Tweetinvi provide the ability for developers to check if a text can be sent to Twitter in terms of length (and other criteria).
    With the 280 characters incoming changes, how can we (as developer) know that an account can publish 140 or 280 characters.
    You mentioned that languages like Japanese, Korean, and Chinese will not be able to post more than 140 whilst languages like English will be able to.
    For us to detect that an account can or cannot post more than 140 characters should we base on the authenticated user lang json field?
    Will there be a new field (boolean to check if the user is allowed to publish 280/number which represent the number of allowed characters?).

  3. Will this feature be available for non extended tweets?

Thank you for your time and consideration.


At the moment this is still an experiment, not a generally available feature. As such there is no Boolean check on an account to confirm that it is part of the experiment (doing that could cause skews to the results); nor is there a generally available method of posting the longer Tweets.

If developers have paid attention to earlier requests and advice not to hard code length assumptions, and use the extended Tweet features, consumption should be seamless.


Consumption in itself is fine. I am asking about being able to verify if the length of a tweet is valid before performing a request to the Twitter API.


If you’re using the extended Tweet options this should not be an issue (and operating based on truncated value should similarly have the same effect)


Sorry maybe I was not clear.

I want to check if a user can or cannot post a tweet of more than 140 characters before actually posting it (prior to executing the statuses/update request).

Retrieving a tweet and the text value is another matter which as you said does not require any change as we just receive some text from Twitter.


OK. At this time, since this is a test, there is no support for using the API to post statuses of 280 characters (regardless of language), so there’s no boolean check to say whether or not a user can post 140 or 280. For now, the API continues to be restricted to 140 characters until such time as the experiment is concluded. If the feature is made generally available, then the API will see relevant updates.

280 GA release - API soon?

Great thanks



I’m trying to post statuses with more than 140 characters, but i’m still getting an error.

details: {‘errors’: [{‘message’: ‘Status is over 140 characters.’, ‘code’: 186}]}

Do i need to add anything in the http post besides the status key to be able to send tweets with more than 140?
There is no update in the API documentation on this…



No, no changes should be needed. You are able to post up to 280 characters with no change to the API options or parameters. The error message will be updated in the next deploy of the Tweets backend service (currently if you post 281 chars, it will report you’ve attempted to post more than 140).


yes, that was the error :slight_smile: Sorry. My test tweet had more than 280, and i was getting the 140 error.


Just to close this out, the error message for code 186 has now been updated.