280 characters


Does REST API supports posting status updates with 280 character limit?
If that’s the case - does the API user has to be in “select group” of test users?
Does payload format change in any way?



This is just a test at the moment, so there’s no availability in the API for Tweet creation at this time.

The payload is the same as any other Tweets since the extended format was rolled out. This is described here.


@andypiper based on this last announcement, are we going to be allowed to publish 280 characters tweets using the API? Thanks!


Yes the API supports 280 right now, as stated in the announcement Updating the character limit (and the twitter-text library)


You say that the API supports 280 characters, but as I understand, you have not yet documented how to count characters?
From the post that you referenced:
“In the coming weeks, we’ll be pushing an update to twitter-text”

Is the character counting algorithm documented elsewhere?


Yes, in the technical documentation we published here (linked from the announcement post). You’ll want to use tweet_mode=extended on all of the API endpoints that return Tweet objects, in order to receive the longer Tweet format.