220 Error - Your credentials do not allow access to this resource


I don’t know if this is on our side or if it is on Twitters side but every attempt our app tries to make to send a single tweet in the last couple of weeks it results in the following error.

error : { statusCode: 403,
data: ‘{“errors”:[{“code”:220,“message”:“Your credentials do not allow access to this resource.”}]}’ }

I have noticed that the userstream has been experiencing problems for the last couple of weeks so could it be because of that and if so, when is it likely to be fixed? If its not that then what could be the reason? Could my server or account be being blacklisted? It used to work perfectly until around 2 weeks ago so its unusual that its stopped working now.

Any and all answers welcome.


Hello TorqBak,

Would it be the case that you are using app-only authentication, or an app which has only read-only permissions?

Please make sure your app has a read-write access, and that you are using OAuth 1.0A with a user access token to be able to send a Tweet on behalf of the user taking the action. If this is just for personal use, you can find your own access token on https://apps.twitter.com/.

Let us know how we can help further.

Scheduling Status Updates (?)

Hi Romain,

Yes the app has Read/Write access and we are not using app-only authentication. We are posting statuses/update using an authenticated users token/secret pair.

As I said we were able to send tweets without problem up until a few weeks ago and it suddenly stopped and no longer works.



Do you need more details from me to try and track down why this is happening? I can provide more information about the account/server by PM if you like.

It is now almost 4 weeks without this service and its becoming a bit frustrating, so I’d like to get it fixed if I can.


Having the same problem. It seems twitter team haven’t able to fix this one yet. And its not clear on their documentation on how to authenticate app-user. Hopefully they will answer and give us the right process on how to make this work.


I am getting same problem. The code which I used was working fine for few months but from few weeks I am getting message as : stdClass Object ( [errors] => Array ( [0] => stdClass Object ( [message] => Your credentials do not allow access to this resource [code] => 220 ) ) )

Please suggest fix for it.



Some (but not all?!) of our users are seeing this same error. My question has to do with the impact of the suggested fix that I found on stackoverflow here

which is to “Set app permissions to Read, write, and direct messages …and Regenerate Access Token and Token Secret.”

If I regenerate the tokens, what happens to our current community of users who’s installed app uses the old tokens? Will all of them stop working until the version with the new tokens becomes available through the Apple store?