215 Bad Authentication with API 1.1


By just changing over to 1.1 - I am seeing massive issues with get the following error:

[twitter] => stdClass Object
[errors] => Array
[0] => stdClass Object
[message] => Bad Authentication data
[code] => 215



Nothing has changed in our code (we are still authenticating and we can get access keys and tokens), however we are unable to issue update status requests. Has anything changed with respect to API 1.1 with OAuth Tokens? You still accept oauth_token and oauth_secret?



Cross-posting my response from the API retirement megathread for better discovery by others:

API v1.1 is considerably stricter about both HTTP and OAuth. Libraries or implementations that make minor errors with either validly formed URLs or POST bodies or OAuth signature base strings will not be able to authenticate. API v1 was much more lenient. Verify that you’re encoding all unreserved characters in your URLs, POST bodies, and signature base strings.


Hello …episod
Please start the API 1…Because My Final Project Submission is on this - 23rd june 2013 …and my project is totally on twitter api 1 based …so please start api.1. .please continue for 15 days more …humble request.

Thank You.


I am posting a GET request - this url was generated mostly by the OAuth tool from the Signature base string, with the only change being - show.json&oauth_consumer_key to show.json?oauth_consumer_key

Getting Response: {“errors”:[{“message”:“Bad Authentication data”,“code”:215}]}

For no obvious reason to me. Can you explain what is being done wrong? Thanks for any help!
Also why can’t you see responses in the OAuth tool??

my code in PHP:
$connection = new TwitterOAuth($consumer_key, $consumer_secret, $atok, $asec);
$ucontent = $connection->get(‘users/show.json?user_id=’.$twit_u_id.’&screen_name=’.$twit_screen_name);