(215) Bad Authentication data


Seeing the same problem.


My app is having the same problem publishing statues.

We are using twitteroauth library:

183: default:
return $this->http($request->get_normalized_http_url(), $method, $request->to_postdata());

to this

183: default:
return $this->http($request->to_url(), $method, $request->to_postdata());

This solved the problem temporarily.

Any official words from twitter?


Sorry for the delay everyone. We’re currently working to roll back a change that is causing this behavior. I’ll follow up when that process is complete, but it should resolve the issue for you.


Instead of 215 ‘Bad Authentication data’ I’m now seeing a ton of 32 ‘Could not authenticate you’ errors instead. Anyone else?


Probably a bit superfluous as @compston says it’s being fixed but many of my members have been experiencing it today :confused:


I concur.


Could you 1) confirm that you’re still getting the new code 32 error, and 2) if so, paste in the full HTTP request / response?


Here’s mine:



{“errors”:[{“message”:“Could not authenticate you”,“code”:32}]}

Edit: nevermind, restoring the temporary fix would resolve the problem.


i got the same error (32). You need to put the data in the POSTFIELDS. It worked for me.


Working here.


Undoing the workaround has everything back to normal.


Thank you for your patience. This issue should be resolved. Please visit the OAuth section of the forum for further support. For any further inquiries regarding OAuth please open a new thread in the OAuth category https://twittercommunity.com/category/oauth



Thanks for your help on this @Noonisms (and the rest of the twitter team). Everything is as you said working?

Is there anywhere we can look to see if things smaller changes like this one?


Glad to hear that things are working again, and thank you again for your patience while we resolved the issue.

This is the best place to follow us for updates! :thumbsup: we announce major changes in the Announcements topic, or other topics more specific to a specific change; and we also of course tweet @twitterdev and @twitterapi