2 TWTRTimelineViewController issues



A follow up on my previous 6 issues:

  1. Images within tweets are scaled
    As pointed out to Steven H. while discussing the other issues, images are scaled in TWTRTimelineViewController and turn out disturbingly ugly. This is especially visible on iPad in landscape mode. Steven suggested that I limit the width of the controller using constraints but I was unable to achieve that. It might be that it gets overwritten. Also I would prefer the controller come with such a limit/option or resolve the image scaling. I think Steven pointed to some fishy business as the explanation to why the scaling is happening.

  2. Share image crash
    When you manage to get your vision back from the blinding scaled image effect, one can click it and as expected it open the image in full view mode. On the top you have two buttons, done and share. Taping share on iPad causes a crash.

Crash sharing images on iPad

Thanks for the report.

The “Share” button now presents a UIPopover on iPad.

As far the large images, we would suggest limiting the width of you timeline to a size you feel comfortable with. Here is a sample Gist which will show a width-limited Timeline: https://gist.github.com/shepting/292140c8cc68b04ce802

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