/2/accounts/:account_id/cards/image_app_download ERROR: wide_app_image_media_id was not found!


allErrors: [{“code”:“NOT_FOUND”,“message”:“913702678693212160 was not found”,“parameter”:“wide_app_image_media_id”}

  1. I have use api to upload an image:
    POST https://upload.twitter.com/1.1/media/upload.json
    return as follows:

    { media_id: 913719088542711800,
    media_id_string: ‘913719088542711809’,
    size: 206537,
    expires_after_secs: 86400,
    image: { image_type: ‘image/jpeg’, w: 1200, h: 480 }

It seems the media id is ok!
2. create an image card, api:

twurl -X POST -H ads-api.twitter.com "/2/accounts/18ce54eeky5/cards/image_app_download?name=img&app_country_code=JP&iphone_app_id=1152332968&wide_app_image_media_id=913719088542711809"

return ERROR:

"errors": [
      "code": "NOT_FOUND",
      "message": "913719088542711809 was not found",
      "parameter": "wide_app_image_media_id"

I can not find the reason for this, Maybe I’m doing something wrong. Let me know if someone have the same problem.




Did you check that the media was finished processing on upload? (STATUS command)

Did you set the media to be shared with additional owners? (INIT command)


thanks for your reply.

From the api doc Upload media, I think when I upload an image , it does not need INIT command. is it right?

thanks a lot