185 - User is over daily status update limit


Today, I started to receive this error on various Twitter’s accounts I’m managing, even though my posts are not beyond the average number of posts I usually send per day. Actually, today it’s quite below the average.

Moreover, for some posts I also get a 188 error (suspected malware or something like that). But if, immediately after, I try to resubmit the exact same post, it is happily accepted.

Any possible explanation?



I’ve been looking to the malware issue – are you still experiencing this? Are the links bit.ly links?

As for posting allowances – there is a daily limit but there are also subdivisions to that limit in roaming windows of time. Those allowances aren’t disclosed and the error message would lead one to believe that the daily limit has been reached.


Yes, they’re bit.ly links and now the problem seems to have disappeared.

As for the rate limit, I knew about the existence of a max within windows of time, but today’s behavior doesn’t really make any sense.