15 Character Limit & Redistributing Abandoned Handles


I’ve been trying to start a Twitter account for my comedy troupe for a couple of months, but the problem is that we branded as Calvinball Comedy a long time ago, and on every other social networking platform we have CalvinballComedy as part of our URL, email, or handle. As you may have noticed, it is 16 characters long, which is one too many for a Twitter handle, and @CalvinballComed is not flattering. Is there a way to bypass the 15 character handle limit?

Another option that would make it easy to keep up the brand would be to have the handle @Calvinball, which at this time is taken by an abandoned account with 14 followers and absolutely no tweets that was created in 2008. I’ve tweeted the handle multiple times over the past few months asking how I may be able to take it over or buy it, but have had no response. I’ve also tweeted Twitter Support on the issue and have had no response. Is there any way to shut down or alter an unused handle for the sake of redistribution?

Thank you for your time. I would really appreciate an answer on these questions, even if they aren’t what I’m hoping for.


Unfortunately we can’t provide support for user account issues here – this forum is intended for developers. Please file a ticket at https://support.twitter.com/forms and @support should be able to help you.