131 "Internal Error" when creating a PNG image tweet




We are having similar issue like this one, POST to upload/media fails often with "media type unrecognized"

Except failing PNG images have alpha channel on it, and they even failed through the Twitter web.

Image with alpha channel (broken in some way?)

Same image with alpha channel removed

The original image with alpha but able to post/upload fine.

So I wonder if you guys can tell us if the alpha channel is the culprit here or something else in the image that is not post-processed correctly.


POST to upload/media fails often with "media type unrecognized"

@bcen_ I was able to create a tweet with first image (with_bad_alpha.png) successfully. It may be a transient failure. Please could you try again?



just checked md5 of the image I have and the one uploaded here are different, I guess it got post processed after upload.

Here is the direct link to the image with bad alpha channel: https://percolate.com/cdn/ugc/image/transcoded/e694ee1d9b92d491ec46ec17388f779a_large.png


@tushargj any updates on this?


@bcen_ Ah. I see. It looks like that png image is taking too long to transcode which causes tweet creation request to timeout. We have seen few instances of similar failures for PNGs but it is not very common. Could you try convert it to Jpeg before calling media upload api?


I’ve also run into this issue. Through both the API and twitter.com, even though the image size is less than 2.9mb, I get an Internal Server Error for a certain png that I have.

Is there any fix coming in the near future? Or will I have to convert it to jpeg first?


@PhilipHouse2 Yes. A fix is coming very soon (most likely by end of this week). You don’t have to convert to jpeg after our fix is deployed.

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