100s of automated replies/mentions sent to me breaking Twitter rules? I hope so


I’ve always had a policy of following people back because I believe social media is a 2-way street & yes I have a large follower count. Here’s a recent problem that has now destroyed my mention/replies & I have received 100s of replies/mentions in the last 24 hours alone making my Twitter experience miserable - http://twitpic.com/b3t8n4 (Notice - I am getting “multiple” replies/mentions from the same people… the same “Welcome to my #TL” message)

These are all coming from users of the www.Twilcome.com service & I have complained via the ticket system to Twitter, to @spam to @twilcome as well as the owner of Twilcome.com @VivirJugando who became ulta-snotty to me after I complained to @Twilcome. @Twilcome was equally snotty.The only result of my complaints was that the @twilcome twitter account was suspended & the # of replies/mentions clogging up my mentions/replies timeline has been magnified manyfold. It’s a disaster. My DM box became useless a couple years ago with peoples accounts being hacked on top of the regular spam… now my mentions/replies is in worse situation.

According to https://support.twitter.com/articles/76915-automation-rules-and-best-practices# regarding “Automated @Replies and Mentions” -

"The @reply and Mention functions are intended to make communication between users easier, and automating these processes in order to reach many users is considered an abuse of the feature. If you are automatically sending @reply messages or Mentions to many users, the recipients must request or approve this action in advance. For example, sending automated @replies based on keyword searches is not permitted.

Users should also have an easy way to opt-out of your service (in addition to the requirement that all users must opt-in before receiving the messages). We review blocks and reports of spam, so you’ll need to provide a clear way for users to opt-out from your messages."

Does Twilcome.com not violate the policy above? Please understand that other large accounts that follow people back also are going thru the same hell I’m going thru & it is getting worse.

I really didn’t want to post here but I am left with no choice. I also view it as important discussion for other developers who are considering this spammy service. What if multiple companies start doing this?

I beg of someone to shut down this Twilcome.com service.


Overall, your best bet is to contact @support at http://support.twitter.com/forms to report accounts or services you suspect to be spam or malware. We can’t directly help you with managing perceived spam here, unfortunately.


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