100,000 User Cap


I am developer for Birmingham City University here in the UK and we have internal portal for students and staff called iCity. It currently integrates twitter and other social networks to provide students with a picture of the universities activities along side their own. We have recently noticed that the upper user cap is 100,000 users and where this is not a problem at the present we see it becoming one down the line. I understand once a user authorizes the app that it is one allocation used and when they remove the app from their account that frees that allocation up for another user. This is all fine if a user remembers to remove the app but many students simply graduate and move on without removing the app. I was wondering if the REST API could have method for an application to remove themselves from a user account on request? We can easily identify when a user leave the university and request their user allocation be freed up so new students will not be blocked form adding their feeds to the internal portal because our quota is full of past students.

I understand the limit is 100,000 users but we have a lot of students and staff pass through our doors some are on short courses lasting only months not simply degree students studying for years and if a large percentage of them authorize the app we will eventually fill our quota. If we could manage our user based, based on our student and staff progression this would help use stay within the boundary of the REST API.

Ian (Principle System Analyst, CICT, Birmingham City University)