1.) Will I get the Geo location for tweets done from web client of my laptop. 2.) can someone share more info on GEO location API


I am trying to get the Tweet locations from the API can someone tell me in what all scenarios I will be able to get locations.

Will I get Location Tweets done from Web client of Laptop/desktop?
Will I get location if user has disabled location feature in mobile device.

There could be many more cases



Not all users geotag their tweets. Some users geotag their tweets from the web client. Some users geotag their tweets from mobile devices. If the user chooses to geotag their tweets, then you can see those fields populated on a tweet object. If the user doesn’t opt-in to geotagging a tweet, then you cannot. Otherwise, there’s a user-defined string called “location” associated with a user’s profile – it’s free form and often satirical but can offer some insight into the location of the user.


Thanks for quick help. Can you send me a link for detailed documentation on location. To be precise lat long from tweets.