#1>Where?-Issue Tracker/Bug Reporting/Discussion Topic? #2>Bugs=1>>Copy Text & 2>>Forum Post Page Session


Where? - Issue Tracker / Bug Reporting / Discussion Topic ?

Cannot find a page that is titled or references either of these three ‘Help’ referenced subject areas that keep being pointed to throughout the main Help/Support section or the Dev one …



came looking for the above to report one bug, now reporting two (the aforementioned notwithstanding!)


1. Copy Text in tweet on Timeline - can no longer copy text in a tweet, when you click on it on the timeline (in web browser) it simply opens / closes the preview of the tweet. even if you click&drag to select text (ai should know what you’re doing!) then it still treats it like a click preview open/close

  • searched for bug/discussion on ‘copy text’ - nothing
  • contact me for detailed steps/info

2. THIS ‘forum’ - multiple windows/sessions(?) - not sure what back end it is using, but if you start drafting a topic (like with this very one I started) and then have a new tab/window open (Google Chrome) -and you try to go to the home page to see the TOC to navigate / search for another topic, whenever you click on a page/topic, it will redirect/prefill the form form again, so: displays a cloned page of your draft

  • contact me for more detailed explanation
  • this IS a bug (should be able to have multiple windows open, independently)

PS - wasn’t sure where to put this subject (doesn’t really fit in any of the categories!) - hopefully it doesn’t get lost in Developer Teatime!


The first one is an older link that is no longer valid - where are you getting it from?

This forum is for discussing developer API issues rather than the Twitter website or mobile apps - happy to pass this on internally but unfortunately I cannot respond to it here.

Thanks, we will pass this on to the folks form Discourse who we work with on our forums.


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good - thanks!

PS - trying to post this reply is problematic in itself! where’s the ‘post’ button!? (the Reply options are too glossy not enough functionality (& the nesting gets thrown out!)