1.14 million followers' account hacked yesterday


Dear sir/madam.
This is Naveen Kukreja. I had this account ‘@funnyorfact’, which has 1.14 million followers yesterday. With email address ‘twitter.funny.truth@gmail.com’, but someone hacked my gmail 12-18 hours ago. And changed the password of my account, and username to ‘@ facticide’. After that, he changed the email address to something else, and deleted my gmail account permanently. AND IT’S KILLING ME.

Just now, with some security questions, Google gave me my gmail account back. And I’ve gotta know through the recent activities of my gmail account that the hacker, used 3 different IP’s from the 3 different countries to hack my gmail (that is connected to Twitter) and then he got the access of my Twitter.
I’ve got screenshots of the IP’s he used in a single day. But since I’m a new user, the application is not allowing me to upload those three pics.

So now I’m here, with my five years of hard work, and nothing is in my hands.
But since I’ve attached my account to ‘Buffer’ third party app for scheduling tweets. I can still post on my account through Bufferapp.

Please help me with this issue. I’m in panic. This is depressing.

Waiting for your reply.

Thank you.


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