/1.1/statuses/update.json currently returning 401s


It seems as though there is an issue posting tweets via the API currently. We haven’t changed anything on our end, and suddenly all (or maybe just most) of tweets are not going through.


I started getting similar errors about 3 hours ago across all my requests


Are you seeing the same issue being reported here?


I was getting a 401 error not a 215 error, but after trying to implement the workaround identified in that thread i can confirm this is the same issue.

Making a POST with all form parameters in the URL (none in the post body) works.


Putting the oauth params in the Authorization header made the requests go through. I was just putting them in the body and/or URL.


Sorry for the delay everyone. We’re currently working to roll back a change that is causing this behavior. I’ll follow up when that process is complete, but it should resolve the issue for you.


Thank you for your patience. This issue should be resolved. Please visit the OAuth section of the forum for further support. For any further inquiries regarding OAuth please open a new thread in the OAuth category https://twittercommunity.com/category/oauth



I have tried to post the example post/status update message not no response from twitter. Are there any settings I should change apart from giving read/write permissions to my app?