1.1/statuses/retweet error “ Sorry, that page does not exist ”


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I am an Authenticated user.

send but gives the following error.

“{“errors”:[{“message”:“Sorry, that page does not exist”,“code”:34}]}”

Can you help me pls.?


What’s an example status ID that you’ve tried with this? Have you verified that it exists?


I’m trying this "statuses/retweets/386546205238390784.json"
It was published 5th of October and has 7 retweets.
Still got “Sorry, that page does not exist”,“code”:34
How long does it takes to populate retweets?



I have the same problem. May I know if you’ve figured out a solution yet?


Have you verified that the Tweet still exists besides your call to [node:9699]?

Also, when using Tweet IDs on the Twitter API, please make sure that you always rely on id_str from the responses since id, as a number, may overflow in some programming languages.



I have the same problem. May I know if any one is figured out a solution???


Bump. Still seeing this issue. Any resolution?


What tweet ID are you using?


Actually figured this out and of course it was a developer error. The loop was assigning an ID that wasn’t correct. Thanks!