/1.1/statuses/home_timeline.json with max_id parameter returns an empty array with certain app credentials



I am part of the development of a Twitter client, and since yesterday (2-28), we are experiencing something weird with our app credentials and the home_timeline API endpoint.

It used to work just fine, and without changing anything on our end, this particular API endpoint, with a max_id parameter now returns (98% of the time) an empty array ([]) as a response (with a proper 200 OK).

The weirdest thing is that if I use different API credentials (Consumer key & secret): it works!

My guess is there is something wrong in the handling of our signed OAuth request with that particular app credentials.

Any hints?



Please let me know if you all find an answer to this because I have the exact issue. If I authenticate and call statuses/home_timeline it returns [] but if I call user_timeline for the SAME user I get all of the tweets returned. This makes no sense. They should return the SAME data if the Count is the same (which it is on both calls). Even setting the max_id to a high number OR setting the since_id to 1 doesn’t return the data. When I go onto twitter and tweet from the account and come back to the API Call, the 1 (one) tweet I made shows up in the return of statuses/home_timeline BUT none of the others. Please advise


Have you solved the problem?