1.1/direct_messages/new {"errors":[{"code":150,"message":"You cannot send messages to users who are not following you"}]} when both are following each other


When sending direct messages other users I know of and I have no problems, but I have 2 users that have been following each other for months (i have confirmed this on both of their profiles and they are part of my testing group) but when they DM each other they get the error message below. They can dm their other followers, but not each other.

It works when i send them DM’s and when they send me DM’s.
Users can only select their followers to DM.
I’ve confirmed that both users have each other in their followers list (http://api.twitter.com/1/followers/ids.json)
I’ve confirmed that i’m sending the direct message call as a POST and using “text” and “user_id” as the parameters

I’ve tried:

  1. changing the message
  2. making them unfollow and follow each other again

The error message:
Response code: 403
Response error: {“errors”:[{“code”:150,“message”:“You cannot send messages to users who are not following you”}]}

Please help


It sounds like it’s possible one of these user accounts is in some kind of corrupted state (or cache corrupted state). I would encourage the users to reach out to Twitter Support presenting this issue with more specifics so they can understand it and take steps to repair.


I’ve tweeted support and sent them to this page as a reference.


i am facing the same problem as described above ,i am sending a => d [user_name] [text]
and user_name and me are following each other still i am not able to send DM to that user,
even though it is given in “Official Twitter Text Commands” and [delete tweet] command works and delets my last posted tweet but some command doesn’t work why is it so?

thanks for your help in advance


I’m facing the same problem.
I create a Twitter App, and ask Read & Write permission. I also use this app to Sign In with Twitter to my website.
So, I try to send a direct message using REST API 1.1 direct_messages/new.json
I set the 3 parameters, user_id, text and screen_name
But I get the error mentionned above code 150 :
{ [“errors”]=> array(1) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#22 (2) { [“code”]=> int(150) [“message”]=> string(59) “You cannot send messages to users who are not following you” } } }


My twitter got dm problem


happening here as well, after it worked fine for a long time…