Announcements about the Twitter Developer Platform, usually for specific technical changes and advisories such as feature deprecations, bug fixes, and API changes.


Troubleshooting, insights, and discussion on OAuth, authentication, authorization, the permission model, and signing requests.


This category is for announcements of events that the @TwitterDev team are attending, and also news about the #TapIntoTwitter Developer Community meetups.

Developer Portal

The Developer Portal is a self-serve tool that developers can use to manage their API access and their Twitter apps.

Publisher Tools & SDKs

Twitter’s Publisher Platform provides tools and SDKs enabling you to use Twitter content and functionality in your websites and apps, and present your own content on Twitter through Cards.


The REST API allows you to create apps that take advantage of integration with Twitter features such as user profiles, tweets, timelines, and search. This is the place for developers to discuss and ask questions related to REST API features.

Streaming APIs

The Streaming APIs provide push deliveries of Tweets and other events, for real-time or low-latency applications.

Premium APIs

Twitter’s premium APIs enable predictable, scaled access to Twitter data via managed endpoints with high data fidelity. Use this category to discuss, ask questions or report issues related to premium products and endpoints.

Advertiser Tools and APIs

The Twitter Ads API gives developers a way to programmatically integrate Twitter advertising data in their product. This is the place for developers to ask questions related to the Advertiser API and the Mopub SDK.

Media APIs

The Media APIs include photo and video uploads via Twitter’s REST endpoints. Issues that are specific to Media often cross both REST and Advertiser APIs. Use this category to discuss anything related to the media endpoints.

Dev Platform Feedback

These subcategories may be used to provide feedback on the developer documentation, rules and policies, and the developer platform roadmap.