Rate limit changes to mentions_timeline and user_timeline endpoints (3)

Today we are previewing changes to two of the most commonly used Twitter standard API endpoints – user and mentions timeline. Specifically, we will begin limiting total GET requests to the v1.1 /statuses/mentions_timelin…

New is:reply search operator for premium and enterprise (3)

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of a new search operator: is:reply is now available to use with the paid premium and enterprise search endpoints. This operator is already available with enterprise PowerTrack…

Upcoming changes to PNG image support (3)

Historically, Twitter has supported JPEG and PNG format images. Over the years, we’ve made improvements to our image pipeline moving towards faster load times while improving quality within reasonable constraints. Starti…

New POST endpoint rate limit enforcement begins today (3)

Today we began enforcing new default app-level rate limits for common POST endpoints. As a reminder, in July we announced changes to increase accountability on our developer platform and reduce the distribution of spam …

Direct Message API - Change to how apps can access images sent in Direct Messages (3)

As part of our continuing efforts to strengthen the security of our systems, today we implemented a change to how apps can access images sent in Direct Messages through our API. Due to the potential sensitivity of the pr…

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