How to ensure continued elevated POST access after September 10th (3)

We recently announced that we are making changes to increase accountability on our developer platform and reduce the distribution of spam through our APIs. On September 10th, we will enforce new default app-level rate li…

Details and what to expect from the API deprecations this week on August 16, 2018 (3)

As we announced in May, the following services and endpoints are scheduled to be deprecated on August 16, 2018. User Streams Site Streams GET direct_messages GET direct_messages/sent GET direct_messages/show POST direc…

Update for those awaiting developer account approval (4)

Application submissions for developer accounts are at an all-time high after Tuesday’s announcement. We have received higher than expected volumes of applications. Based on these high volumes, we are equipped to respond…

Update: The developer account application queue continues to grow (3)

We’ve continued to receive a high volume of applications for developer accounts in the last week. Due to the stronger than expected demand, the waitlist queue continues to increase even as we approve and engage with a la…

Keeping things safe - new requirements affecting developers (3)

Today, we’ve announced some important changes to the developer platform, to protect and safeguard our users, to reduce spam, and to ensure that the developer platform works in service of the overall health of conversatio…

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