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Announcement: New nullcast parameter (1)
Announcement: Square website cards (3)
Announcement: Setting video poster images (4)
Announcement: Taller image app download cards (3)
Deprecation Announcement: App download cards (3)
Deprecation Announcement: App download cards (4)
Deprecation Announcement: Lead Generation (4)
Deprecation Announcement: Website Conversions (4)
Announcement: Taller website cards (4)
Announcement: Available Age Targeting Buckets (5)
Deprecation Announcement - Changes to TV Targeting (4)
Announcement: New async DELETE endpoint (3)
Twitter Ads API SDK for Ruby v1.1.0 Now Available! (3)
Announcement: Additional creative types now supported (3)
Announcement: targeting_criteria/locations issues (3)
Announcement: Website tag ID availability (3)
Twitter Ads API SDK for Python v1.2.0 Now Available! (3)
Announcement: Additional stats metrics (3)
Announcement: Granular TAP placements now available (3)
Announcement: Increased batch size for targeting criteria (3)
Announcement: Async Analytics Latency (5)
Announcement: v0 end-of-life (4)
Announcement: Draft campaigns now accessible via the API (3)
Announcement: Lead Generation Issue (3)
Announcement: New Awareness Objective (3)
Announcement: Async Analytics Latency (6)
Website Conversions Objective (3)
Tailored Audience List Processing Times (3)
Support for tweet_mode on Ads API is now available (2)
Promoted-Only Tweets with video_id (3)