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Deprecation Announcement - Changes to TV Targeting (4)
Announcement: New async DELETE endpoint (3)
Twitter Ads API SDK for Ruby v1.1.0 Now Available! (3)
Announcement: Additional creative types now supported (3)
Announcement: targeting_criteria/locations issues (3)
Announcement: Website tag ID availability (3)
Twitter Ads API SDK for Python v1.2.0 Now Available! (3)
Announcement: Additional stats metrics (3)
Announcement: Granular TAP placements now available (3)
Announcement: Increased batch size for targeting criteria (3)
Announcement: Async Analytics Latency (5)
Announcement: v0 end-of-life (4)
Announcement: Draft campaigns now accessible via the API (3)
Announcement: Lead Generation Issue (3)
Announcement: New Awareness Objective (3)
Announcement: Async Analytics Latency (6)
Website Conversions Objective (3)
Tailored Audience List Processing Times (3)
Support for tweet_mode on Ads API is now available (2)
Promoted-Only Tweets with video_id (3)
Max Bidding for CPAC MAP is being deprecated on August 22nd (2)
Twitter Ads API SDK for Ruby v1.0.0 Now Available! (4)
Twitter Ads API SDK for Python v1.0.0 Now Available! (3)
Removal of CTA from Website Cards (2)
Announcement: Intermittent issues with TA List processing (3)