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MoPub SDK MoPub is the leading mobile ad server that supports all of the major campaign management, budgeting and targeting features you need to grow your business on iOS and Android. Ads API Japanese こちらは日本語のTwitter Ads APIコミュニティのカテゴリーです。Ads APIに関するご質問、イシューなど自由に投稿およびコミュニケーション頂くことが可能です。<br>ご利用頂く開発者のみなさまに役立つコミュニティになるよう、運営チーム一同継続的に改修、改善を行ってまいります。 Ads API Access This sub-category is for discussions about your Twitter Ads API application or general Ads API access issues. For issues related to Ad Accounts on <a href=""></a>, please submit Help? request directly from <a href=""></a>. Ads API Announcements This category is for maintaining an archive of previous Ads API Announcements that have been posted in the main forum category. Please refer to this to review previous announcements that have been made. Ads API SDKs This category is for general discussion of Twitter Ads API SDKs.
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